Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Week 4

Went to see both Dr's Monday,  chemo Dr said everything was going good so far and was surprised I hadn't lost all my hair.  It has thinned out A LOT but not completely gone yet and maybe it won't be.  Had my 4 hour drip and then went to radiation and saw the Dr after that.  He said the same thing, we are half way down the road and hoping everything is doing it's job.  The radiation place called yesterday and said the machine broke down so I am back to 15 more visits there.  The worst side effects happen Tue, Wed & Thurs and it is mainly stomach problems.  I am experiencing a little tightness on the right side of my throat due to the radiation and it is sometimes hard to swallow.  I had a horrible night last night, coughing and stuffiness, hope I am not getting a cold.  All in all another week half way over.
Thank you to everyone for your support and kind words, I really do appreciate it.  My best friend here sends me an encouragement card every week and it is so nice of her.

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  1. If you do lose your hair, I'll bet you will look as good as Demi Moore in GI Jane!! Hang in there!