Monday, September 5, 2011

Sept 5 Labor Day

It has been a fabulous weekend,  my wonderful daughter surprised me and my sweet babycakes granddaughter to a pedicure and manicure.  I haven't had one one of those for 4 years and it felt so good.  Thank you so much my sweet Jenny girl.  We had a wonderful cookout at our friend Paul's and even the rain could not stop the fun!  On Sunday we went to a fairwell party for the best bartender the ever has existed from the old Channelmark, Stacie, who is moving to Oregon (really? are you kindding me), you will be back I just know it.  What a party that was, talk about a woman who is truly loved, it is her.  It was so wonderful to see all the people that supported and showed up for her.  As the saying goes, It takes a village and we all were a village.
I am getting more run down, maybe it is from the weekend, but I feel I am losing more and more blood cells.  Chemo at 10:00 and then radiation. 
This weekend one of my very best girlfriends is turning 50 and she is hoping to get together for fun on the beach.  I do too! 
Week 5 here I come lets do it!!

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  1. After such a terrific weekend, you sound ready to take on the world! Bravo...have a great week, too. (And be sure to wear sandals to show off your pampered tootsies.)