Monday, September 12, 2011

Mon Sept 12 2011

Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, I am done with chemo for 3 whole weeks.  I have 3 radiations left and then I am done for 3 whole wonderful, glorious weeks.  Can I be any happier, (well only if I was told I would be a grandmother again, but hell, its great to be able to spoil my one and only, turning 10 on the 17th.)  The Dr called off my last one because I am doing good on treatment but my cell count is so low and wants time to bring it up before the mother of chemos happens in 3 weeks.  The next one will be 5-6 hours long. Ugh!  But I hope so worth it.  And I still have a little hair, thank you mama!  Even my Dr was surprised but it's not much and it hurts so bad to have it touched. 

Had a great time with my girlfriends on the beach this weekend, sorry I couldn't keep up like the old days.

Thank you to all the friends and acquaintances who have sent me love and support, please don't stop because I truly need it and it has helped so much to get me through this,  I have never been alone because of you all.


  1. Three cheers to you! Another big milestone reached. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful month.

  2. You can do it, my sister! I know this is an awful thing to have to go through but I have faith in you!