Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oct 18

Well it has been a long time since I wrote but that last chemo just about killed me.  It was 5 hours long total and then the next day I had to go for a shot which they said would make my joints ache.  Ache they did and then some, everywhere, I could barely walk and get out of bed and I took pain pills, half of what they per scribed and that constipated me for 4 days.  I really thought I was on my last days.  I am still not feeling well and it has now been two and a half weeks and I am suppose to go through this again next Monday.  I have had to go the last two Monday's and get my blood drawn and my counts keep going down but they don't seem to be to concerned.  I have a cough that makes me feel like I have smoked a pack of cigs a day, and I am not smoking!  I told the nurse all of this yesterday about how I was feeling and she said if it got any worse to let them know.  I DO NOT WANT TO DO MY LAST TREATMENT!!!!!!!!  I am so burned and tired and achy and bald, my hair follicles hurt all over my head,  I am having trouble eating and I am losing weight, things are getting so loose on me.  I sleep for two hours and then up to the bathroom, drink lots of water and back to sleep for two hours.  I want this all to end.  I want to know that somethings good has happened from all this, I want to see some test results!!!

Well, I guess I will just have to wait until next Monday and see what the Dr. says.  Thanks for all the well wishes and thoughts and prayers.  Until next time......

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  1. Lots of people will say "take it day by day", but I think in your case, you should just go hour by hour. Each one passed is a step in the right direction. Yeah, maybe easy for me to say, but another hour of living is another hour of precious life. The chemo is a hellish way to ultimately get better, but if that's what is takes, then I guess you just push through it all. Hopefully, the Dr will give answers or comforting words before the next round. Anyway, "hang in there"...hour by hour, minute by minute.